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The Scope of Bio-Psychology

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If a sub-gland just below the mańipura cakra is activated which makes a sádhaka [spiritual aspirant] free from shyness.

At a later stage the shyness is increased by pressing the same point in a different manner. When one is free of shyness, one can do any activity without any hindrance and move anywhere without any psychic complex. When one is overcome with shyness one’s face becomes red, a physical change, and one will not be able to perform many actions, even though the mind wants to act.

The human structure is controlled by the glands and sub-glands. Thus it is a biological machine.

Under-secretion and over-secretion of the same gland will bring this machine under different types of impulses and defects.

I want you all to acquire high proficiency in such capabilities through sádhaná [spiritual practices] and learn practically how to control this biological machine through the control of the glands and sub-glands.

Bio-psychology may be divided into several classes:

  • human psychology
  • the psychology of creatures which stand on 2 legs, for example, orangutans
  • the psychology of other beings [including monkeys, quadrupeds and other developed animals]
  • the psychology of reptiles which move through the pressure of the chest but cannot fly
  • the psychology of flying creatures, as birds
  • the psychology of multicellular protozoa, unicellular protozoa, multicellular metazoa and uni-cellular metazoa.

Human beings are guided and goaded by a common psychology.

There may be some exceptions due to certain biological anomalies; that is, biological exceptions must be there; but otherwise all humans are guided by a common human psychology. Ram, Shyam, Mohan, Yadu, Madhu – all are of the same or similar biological structure. So they have to be guided by the same psychic rules, they have to follow the same psychic characteristics, the same wonts, and the same psychic merits and demerits.

  • Direct guidance is without any application of force: You want someone to go with you and they go.
  • Guiding means making some effort to bring someone along the path of your choice.
  • Goading means compelling someone to move and act according to your desire, by pushing or moving by applying force.

Suppose an old man and a young man are arguing, and the young one says tauntingly to the old one, “You are a number one fool. You have no wits. You are a worthless, useless chap!” The old man replies, “What! What did you say? Is it so? Is it so? Have you no manners? Are you now about to teach me manners?”

The young one responds, “Yes, yes, sure!” This is an example of common human psychology, of natural human reaction.

Suppose certain sub-glands in the elder man’s chest around the anáhata cakra are activated. Then, instead of arguing, his response will become calmer, and not so serious and grave. He will become quieter and not so irritated.

In this case, in the attached nerve cells and nerve fibres, certain changes will have been brought about in the glands and sub-glands of the chest portion of the body. By properly activating the controlling point of a human sentiment, the response has changed.

Thus, due to biological change, the psychological reaction or reflection will change. For this biological transformation, one should practise a spiritual cult which changes the human nerve cells and nerve fibres attached to those portions, and brings about changes in the hormonal secretions causing psychological changes. So, through the practice of a spiritual cult, changes come about in the nerve cells and nerve fibres.

You should all learn the various psychologies of the different groups. You should learn about human psychology in particular, and about non-human animate psychologies.

Though inanimate objects – gold, silver, iron, etc. – do not have psychology, they have characteristics. That is, each and every entity, animate and inanimate, has its own particular psychology or characteristic. When coming in contact with different entities, animate and inanimate, you should act according to the knowledge of their psychology or characteristics.

By spiritual cult, spiritual sádhaná, you may bring about certain changes in your nervous system, nerve cells and nerve fibres, control the secretions of the hormones from different glands and sub-glands, and become elevated. By this process of elevation a person becomes superhuman and goes beyond the periphery of the common human psychology. Otherwise, the general rule is there. Here lies the necessity of spiritual practice.

Without spiritual practice there cannot be such a change.

The main purpose of human beings coming here to this earth is to do spiritual practice. One is to render social service, one is to learn, one is to go through books, one is to help others, one is to do anything and everything just to encourage and accelerate the process of sádhaná.

Sádhaná is the main theme of life. Whatever you do in the world, you should do it with a view to promote your sádhaná and help the sádhaná of others. Human beings come to earth to practise sádhaná, to move closer to Iishvara, the Supreme Goal – to come closer to Parama Puruśa [Supreme Consciousness]. Thus, the deeds of human beings will not be like the deeds of animals.

Whatever human beings will do, they will do in such a manner that the progress in their sádhaná will go on accelerating.

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