Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 18


by PR Sarkar Icon
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unitary/unitarian concerning one collective/cumulative concerning more than one/concerning a collection singular concerning a single entity plural concerning more than one entity Papal concerning the holy Pope microcosmic concerning something little macrocosmic concerning something great matrimonial concerning marriage bridal concerning bride human concerning people in general (humanly – adv.) ecclesiastical concerning church or heavenly affairs inimical concerning enemy amiable concerning friend (ami [in French] means “friend”, and mon ami means “my friend”) amicable concerning peace tranquil concerning calmness aquarian concerning reservior or water-pot aquarium concerning the place of reservoir or water-pot rotarian concerning movement in a round way herbal/herborial concerning herbs (herbarium – noun) fiscal concerning royal money piscal concerning fish zoological, zodiac, veterinary concerning animals terranian concerning earth (as soil) global concerning earth (as a planet) pecuniary, monetary, mercenary concerning money economic, economical concerning condition of money guardian one who guards at different strata of life universal concerning the universe Cosmological/Cosmic concerning everything puritan concerning purity sensual concerning feeling of organs angular concerning angle circular concerning circle muscular concerning muscle respiratory concerning inhalation and/or exhalation perspiratory concerning sweat confectionary concerning sweets condimental concerning drinks laterite concerning bricks sexual concerning male body / female body mobile concerning movement curricular/curriculal concerning course of studies (curriculum – noun; curricula – plural noun) particular demonstrated or pointed out definitely cimmerian concerning darkness odorous concerning smell military, martial concerning fight alpine concerning Alps nordic concerning north arterial concerning artery lithoshperical, lithographical concerning outer crust of the earth slumberous concerning sleep antique concerning old style (not in a good sense; antiquity – noun) ancient concerning old happening numeral concerning number quantitative concerning amount qualitative/attributional concerning wont extensive expanding externally intensive expanding internally innate/intrinsic belonging to inner side heredity coming from ancestors solar concerning sun lunar concerning moon annual concerning year superannuation crossing the limited number of years venomous, venomal, venomic concerning poison biannual half-yearly protagonist one being in favor of antagonist one being against prognosis knowing beforehand diagnosis knowing after premonition expressing the happening beforehand SOS “save our souls” participant one joining a party or taking part in (participate – verb; participation – noun) partial concerning part dental concerning tooth legal concerning law Gangetic, Gangelitis concerning Ganga (Ganges) delta mouth of river melancholy feeling of loneliness (melancholic person; melancholia – disease) mania (বাতিক) doing a particular thing repeatedly without reason junction concerning joint (junctional – adj.) partition dividing into parts auto-science knowing the self mono-science knowing the One cannon weapon of powder (canon means “rules”) auto-suggestion advising the self outer-suggestion advising others hypnosis (মোহনিদ্রা) healing in slumber mesmerism science of Mesmer hibernation long sleep capital punishment punishment of detaching the head normal as per norms abnormal not as per norms social propriety [behaving] as per the rules of society (proper adj.; propriety – noun) vocabulary [range of] words vocal expressed through words verbose full of words ostentatious full of shows having no inner value grandeur [something] full of big shows having little inner value pomp [something] full of monetary shows ultra vires being fundamentally against ambiguous having more than one meaning (ambiguity – noun) proforma having fixed forms palace big house divided into departmental quarters mansion big house of rectangular shape castle residential quarter in a fort haunted house big house where nobody resides for fear of ghosts (ভূতুড়ে বাড়ী) or robbers (হানা বাড়ী) piscivorous fish-eating luxurious (বিলাস বহুল) concerning luxury (luxuriant – প্রাচুর্য়পূর্ণ – means “bountiful”) lactometer instrument measuring the specific gravity of milk usurper [one] occupying the throne physically by force guest capital capital of a country situated in another country dike embankment where land-level is lower than water-level Y-machine machine for the purpose of welding indoctrination to make one well-acquainted with one’s ideas insurmountable that cannot be jumped over inexplicable that cannot be explained inaudible that cannot be heard unintelligible that cannot be understood infallible (অপৌরুষেয়) that cannot be scolded or condemned illegible that cannot be read impenetrable/unpenetrable that cannot be crossed through irrelevant that does not come within the course, out of context super-science/super-consciouisness that which is beyond the periphery of knowledge of consciousness supreme whose status is above all strata [for] old acquaintance’s sake for the sake of old friendship surrounded rounded up on all sides known countenance known person or known face namesake (in Bengali and other eastern Indian languages মিতা; in Urdu, হম্নামা) something having the same name [ambi]dextrous (সবাসাচী) working with both hands with equal efficiency ([ambi]dexterity – noun) politbureau higher authorities working as political heads illegitimate not as per law (illegitimate son – জারজ সন্তান) floor-crossing leaving one ideology and accepting another infiltration crossing through pores percolation crossing though minute pores leakage passing through holes or loopholes embankment creating an artificial bank to check inundation interim for the intermittent period prima facie not going through details but as it outwardly looks informal not as per forms or prescribed rule but done for the time being incredible which cannot be believed (not to be paid credence to) credentials record concerning credibility testimonials papers concerning proper recognition encircled approached from all angles city father/sherriff head of city surrounded by wall logbook papers concerning movement livestock stock concerning living beings (animals, birds, etc.) deadstock stock concerning furniture rolling stock stock concerning vehicles O.I. register records dealing with objectionable items wicket gate small gate within a big gate logical fallacy logical rules based on incorrect mode of thinking pleader’s dilemma [situation] where to lawyers vary on a particular point doctor’s dilemma [situation] where who physicans vary on a particular point cobweb net of a spider insolvency/bankruptcy [condition] where expenditure has surpassed income censor[ship] control over expression census total number after counting caution money cash deposited as a check against loss, fraud or embezzlement extremity (প্রতান্ত) extreme end aurora polaris light of the poles aurora borealis light of the North Pole halo light of greatness or divinity reptile [creature] moving with the strength of chest ointment/balm medicine used externally hardware goods made of iron glassware goods made of glass jewellery goods made of jewels floral nectar honey of flower bee honey honey of beehive paraffin artificial wax artsilk, rayon artificial silk petticoat language language spoken in the house biochemistry chemistry concerning biology astrophysics physics concerning astronomy pneumatic shop workshop dealing with gases welding shop workshop dealing wtih addition of metallic layers [as] liquid permanent for all times temporary for a particular time perennial never-ending, for all seasons seasonal for a particular season correlate find the relation between two entities regular happening again and again occasional happening irregularly ceremonial happening during certain functions infantry soldiers fighting on foot cavaly soldiers fighting on horseback (from the French word cheval) vehicular concerning a cart or carriage mammal drinking its mother’s milk mortal undergoing death nudist wanting to remain naked cloakroom room for changing dress green-room room for putting on one’s costume before going on-stage restaurant place for having a light refreshment cafe place for having a drink bar place for having wine (In ancient times, pleaders used to sit together in their leisure period to have a parley and a few drinks. That is why the pleader’s union was also known as the bar. The word is still in use although it has lost its actual import.) voracious eating much (voracity – noun) veracious adhering to truth (veracity – noun) brittle liable to break monolith one continuous entity polygamy having more than one husband or wife monogamy having only one husband or wife espousal [something] concerning husband or wife (spousal is incorrect) multivocal speaking in many ways univocal speaking in one way artisan one having dexterity in handiwork and handicraft carpenter one having dexterity in wookwork goldsmith one having dexterity in goldwork blacksmith one having dexterity in iron or steel work smithy place for metallic smelting or melting anonymous [whose] name [is] not known vampire sucking blood plumbic concerning lead urinal concerning urine pubic concerning the area of sex organs or pubum Xaverian blessed my St. Xavier Calcasian belonging to Calcutta subterranean under the ground submarine under the sea sub-aquatic under water aqua margosa juice of margosa plant Indica belonging to India Banjalitis belonging to Bengal arson to set on fire posthumous [having] died before the result was achieved (e.g., posthumous child) postgraduate after graduation post-mortem after death pre-sanctioned sanctioned before the action was done post-sanctioned sanctioned after the action was done de jour concerning today prediction announcing before the happening post-diction announcing after the happening transmuted taking the form of another transparent (স্বচ্ছ) [conducive to] one reappearing as it was translucent (অল্প স্বচ্ছ) [conducive to] one reappearing a bit different from what it was opaque (অস্বচ্ছ) [conducive to] one not appearing as it is fissiparous [of] one being many (fissipare) – noun metamorphic that underwent changes (e.g., metamorphic rock) contemporary existing at the same time multifacial/multifarious having many faces multilateral/multidimensional having many sides octogenarian eighty years old equigenarian of the same age trans-Jamuna on the other side of Jamuna Transvaal on the other side of the Vaal trans-Jordan on the other bank of the Jordan translation one language situated on the other side of the River of Difference transliteration one literature [letters] situated on the other side of the River of Difference transmigration migration in[to] another structure on the other side of difference trans-bank (পারঘাটা) on the other side of the bank N.B.: The rail line connecting Moscova and Vladivostok – the two towns being at the east and the west [ends] of the land of Siberia – is the Trans-Siberian Railway archipelago a cluster of islands peninsula a strip of land surrounded by water on three sides alumni [former] students of an educational institution phallic concerning the male organ, or phallus coniferous having a pointed shape (plant) deciduous shedding leave (plant) Scottish dinner dinner without feasting French leave being absent without leave teetotaler [one] not drinking wine wine wet ration solar year year calculated according to the relative movement of the sun lunar year year calculated according to the relative movement of the moon sidereal year year calculated according to the relative movement of the stars monopoly (একচেটিয়া) authority of one germicide killing germs pesticide killing pests insecticide killing insects transvision seeing the other side bon voyage wishing you a good voyage partition breaking into parts bfurcation breaking into two parts trifurcation breaking into three parts parity/equity same[ness] in number pork meat of big beef meat of cow mutton meat of sheep N.B.: Flesh is a general term, but where the question of eating is concerned, we are not to use the word flesh, we are to use the word meat. omnipotent all-powerful omnibus moving everywhere homogenous [of a] collection of similar entities (homogeneity – noun) heterogeneous [of a] collection of dissimilar entities (heterogeneity noun) horticulture culture of fruits floriculture culture of flowers pisciculture culture of fish sericulture culture of insect products autonomous ruling the self autocratic ruling as per one’s whims bureaucracy ruling as per the whims of government officials oligarchy ruling by a small party kingdom state having king as the ruler emperor king ruling over other countries along with his own feudalism2 power and properties in the hands of landlords, earls and barons feudal chief/local chieftain3 a king under a big king democracy4 where a government is elected by people through restricted or general franchise republic where the head of a state is elected by people directly or indirectly subsidiary where one works in subordinated cooperation with others N.B.: Cooperation is of two kinds: coordinated cooperation and subordinated cooperation. A king and another king have an amiable relationship: it is coordinated cooperation. A king and an emperor maintain a relationship: the king maintains subordinated cooperation. His is a subsidiary alliance. moral (pronunc. মোরেল) concerning morality (নৈতিকতা – e.g., “It is his moral defeat – নৈতিক পরাজয়).” morale (pronunc. মর্-য়াল) mental strength (মানসিক শক্তি – e.g.: “He lost his morale and was defeated – সে মানসিক শক্তি হারিয়েছিল ও পরাজিত হয়েছিল.” “A breakdown in morale has taken place – মনোবল ভেঙ্গে গেছে.”) (1) Many of the entries here represent instances where a certain relationship of one word to other words has been expressed in a condensed way through the use of a suffix. For example, concerning bride, expressing a certain relationship of bride to other words, has been condensed into bridal. –Eds.

(2) Feudalism may exist both in a republic and a kingdom.

(3) In Bengali, sámantarájá (সামন্তরাজা → সাঁওত্তরাআ → সাঁতরা).

(4) A democratic country having a democratic head is a republic. A democratic country having a non-democratic head is not a republic. It is either a kingdom (monarchy), or an oligarchy, or a restricted republic. India is both a democracy and a republic; the USA is also a democracy and a republic; but Great Britain is a democracy and a kingdom. Australia is a democracy but not a republic, as it recognizes the British Crown at the helm of affairs. [A comment on the former Soviet Union omitted here.] republic where the head of a state is elected by people directly or indirectly.

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