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Chapter 2


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An article is a word generally used before a noun or a noun-equivalent.

Generally, 3 kinds of articles are recognized in English grammar:

  1. Definite
  2. Indefinite (general)
  3. Numeral

Some think that an article is a kind of adjective, but not everyone agrees.

Definite article: The, that, those may be treated as definite articles.

Indefinite (general) article

One who knows French may easily learn Spanish. To learn Bengali one does not have go to Calcutta; one can learn it just as well in Benares.

Here one is an indefinite article. It does not indicate any particular person, but refers to people in general.

Numeral article

Seven hundred Bengalee youths under the leadership of Prince Vijaya Sinha went to Lanka in 534 B.C.

Here Seven hundred (700) is a numeral article.

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