Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 1

The second Principle: Sulphur

by Paracelsus
2 minutes  • 316 words

Sulphur is not the last amongst the Principles because it is a part of the Metal and is the principall part of the Philosophers Stone.

Many wise men have left in writing diverse, and very true things of Sulphur.

Geber, in his Book 1 of the highest perfection, chapter 28 said: Through the most High God it illuminates every body: because it is light from light, and Tincture. But before wee treat of it, it seems good to us to first describe the originall of the Principles; especially since of old, Sulphur hath been accounted the chiefest of the Principles. Now very few have hitherto shewed whence the Principles arise, and it is a hard thing to judge of any of the Principles, or anything else, whose originall, and generation is unknowne: what can a blind man judg of a colour?

What our predecessors have omitted, that have wee purposed in this Treatise to supply.

The Principles of things, especially of metals, according to the ancient Philosophers are two, Sulphur; and Mercury: but according to the latter Philosophers, three, Sal, Sulphur, and Mercury.

The original of these Principles are the foure Elements; with the originall of which also wee will first begin.

Therefore let them that are Students in this sacred science know, that there are 4 Elements, and that every one of these foure hath in its Center another Element, by which it is elementated: and these are the four statues of the world, separated from the Chaos in the creation of the world by divine wisdome.

These uphold the fabrick of the world by their contrary acting, in equality, and proportion, and also by the inclination of celestiall virtues, bring forth all things, that are within, and upon the earth: but of these in their places: here we will returne to our purpose; and first of the Element that is neerest, viz. the Earth.

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