Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 1

The Signature of Natural Things

by Paracelsus
3 minutes  • 590 words

What is the Signature of things? Things are signed by whom? Who is the Signator? How many things are signed?

There are 3 kinds of signed things:

  1. Man
  2. Archeius
  3. The stars of supernatural things

Impressions signed by men bring with them:

  • a perfect knowledge
  • judgement of hidden things

These impart the knowledge of their hidden virtues and faculties.

The Astral sciences are:

  • Geomancy
  • Chiromancy
  • Physiognomy
  • Hydromancy
  • Pyromancy
  • Necromancy
  • Astronomy
  • the Berillisticall art

The marks of the Stars cause Prophecies, and Presages. These declare the supernatural virtues of things, and take out the true judgements and signs in the astral sciences.

I first explain Man as the Signer. From that, the rest can more rightly be understood, whether natural, or supernatural.

The Jews carry on their coat a yellow sign.

  • This makes them known that they are Jews.

A sergeant is known by his coloured coat or sleeve.

Likewise, every Magistrate apparells his servants with his own colours, and liveries.

Every mechanic marks his work with a certain sign so that everyone may know whose work it is.

These are signs which belong to order, or office, of which many more may bee reckoned up.

But yet because we have intended to describe the signs of natural, and supernatural things, we shall not fill up this book with other signs.

As concerning those signs, which Man makes, which doe not only respect order, office, or name, but conduce to the knowing of his knowledge, age, dignity, degree, &c.

Every kind of Money has its peculiar trial and mark by which it is known. It shows:

  • how much it is valued
  • who is the Master of it
  • where it is usually current.

Hence is that German Proverb, Money is no where more in request then where it was coined.

The same also is to bee understood of things that are looked upon and examined by men sworn and appointed for that purpose, before they bee signed: as Cloth which is marked with peculiar marks, by which it may be known, that in examining they were found good, and proved.

A seal put on Letters to set a certain bond which no man should violate.

A seal is a confirmation of Letters, whence they are of all men accounted ratified.

Without a seal, an Acquitance is void, and of no force.

In the same way, many things are marked with few letters, names, or words. Examples are books have one word written on its outside that shows what is contained within.

The same rule also there is for glasses and boxes in Apothecaries shops. These are discerned by peculiar names, or papers put on them.

Unless that were done, who could discern so many Waters, Liquors, Syrups, Oyles, Powders, Seeds, Unguents, &c. and all simples?

In the same way, the Alchemist in his Elabatorie marks with names, and papers all Waters, Liquors, Spirits, Oyles, Flegms, Crocus, Alcali, and all species, that thereby he may when there is occasion make use of any of them, and know them: without the help of which his memory could never bear them.

So also may all houses and buildings bee marked with numbers or figures, that the age of every one of them by the first sight of the number may presently be known.

These and other things that are marked I was willing to shew to you, that these being comprehended, I might bee the better understood by you in the rest, and so the signification of every thing might bee the more plain, and clear.

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