Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 2

What Are Monsters?

by Paracelsus
February 28, 2024 4 minutes  • 698 words

Wherefore not only all Animalls, which have not proper Parents, and are not borne of things like to themselves are Monsters, but also those which are bred of other things.

The secret poison of the Basilisk.

So you see it is concerning a Basiliske, which also is a Monster, and indeed a Monster above all Monsters, and then which none is to bee more dreaded, because hee can kill any man with his meer looks, and sight: and because his poison is above all poisons, to which nothing in the world is to bee compared. Hee carries his poison in a most secret manner in his eyes, and it is a conceived poison, not much unlike a menstruous woman, who also carrieth a secret poison in her eyes, so that only by her looks a Looking-glasse is fouled, and tainted. So also if shee looke upon a wound, or an ulcer, shee infects that in the like manner, and hinders the cure thereof: so also with her breath, as well as sight, shee infects divers things, corrupts, and weakens them; and so also with her touch.

For you see if shee medle with wine in time of her menstrues, that it is suddainly changed and made thick; The Vineger also that she medles withall, becomes dead, and uselesse: so also Hot-waters lose their strength: In like manner Civet, Amber Gryse, Musk, and such like perfumes, lose their odour by such a womans carrying, or handling of them. So also Gold, and Coralls lose their colour, also many Gemmes, and Looking-glasses are soiled therewith, &c.

But to return to what I proposed concerning the Basiliske, by what reason, and in what manner hee carries poison in his looks, and eyes; you must know that hee hath that property, and poison from menstruous women, as is aforesaid. For the Basiliske is bred of, and proceeds from the greatest impurity of a Woman, viz. her Menstrues, and from the blood of the Sperm, if it bee put into a gourd glasse, and putrefied in Horse-dung, in which putrefaction a Basiliske is brought forth. But who is so couragious, and bold to make, take him out, and kill him again, unlesse hee cover, and fortifie himselfe well first with glasses: I should perswade none to doe it, nay, I would advise them to take heed of it.

Monsters do not live long.

Brute Monsters which are brought forth of other things, and not of their like, seldome live long, especially if they shall live neer, or amongst other brutes.

This is because of an imbred disposition, and Gods disposing, all Monsters are odious unto brutes that are genuinely brought forth, and so also Monsters of men, which are generated by man, seldome live long. And by how much the more wonderfull, and remarkable they are, so much the sooner they dye, so that none exceed the third day amongst men, unlesse they bee presently carryed into some secret place, and kept apart from all men.

Moreover you must know that God abhors these kind of Monsters, and that they are displeasing to him, and that none of them can be saved, seeing they bear not the image of God:Monsters come from the Devill.whence wee can conjecture nothing else, but that they are so formed[Pg 8] by the Devil, and are made for the Devills service, rather then Gods, because no good work was ever done by any Monster, but rather all manner of evill, wickednesse, and devillish deceits. For as an Executioner marketh his sons in cutting off their ears, putting out their eyes, burning their cheeks, fingers, hands, and cutting off their heads: so doth the Devil mark his sons through the imagination of their Mothers, which in their conceiving they drew from evill desires, lusts, and cogitations.

Monsters are to be shunned. Also all men are to be shunned, which abound with, or want any member, or have a double member. For that is a presage of the Devills, and a most certaine signe of some occult wickednesse, and deceit, which follows upon it. Wherefore they seldome dye without the Executioner, or at least from some marke made by him.

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