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The Preface

by Paracelsus
5 minutes  • 1056 words

The Author wisheth all health to, and prays to God for a blessing upon all the Searchers of Alchymie, namely the true Sons of Hermes.

Courteous Reader,

When I considered with my self, that many adulterated books, and false Receipts (as they call them) of Alchymists, composed through the fraud, and covetousnesse of Impostors, in which not so much as one spark of truth appears, were in request with the Searchers of Naturall, and mysterious Arts, by which even very many have been, and still are deceived: I thought I could do no better service, then to communicate that talent, committed to my trust by the Father of Lights, to the Sons and Heirs of Wisdome. And to this end, that future ages may take notice, that this singular Philosophicall blessing of God hath not been denyed to some men, not only in former ages, but also in this.

It seemed good to me for some Reasons to conceal my name, whilst I doe not seek praise to my self, but endeavour to be assisting to the lovers of Wisdome. Therefore I leave that vain desire of honour to those that had rather seem to bee, then to bee indeed. What here I write by way of testimony to that undoubted Philosophicall truth, comprehended in few lines, have been taken out of that Manuall experience, which the most High hath vouchsafed to mee, that they which have laid the principall, and reall foundations in this commendable Art, may by this encouragement not forsake the practise of the best things, and so bee secured from that wicked swarm of smoke-sellers, whose delight is to cheat. They are not dreams, as the ignorant vulgar call them; neither are they foolish inventions of idle men, as fools, and men void of understanding (who deride the Art) conceive them to be. It is the Philosophicall truth it self, which as I am a lover of the truth, I ought not, nay I could not for supporting and confirming the truth of Alchymie, undeservedly cryed out against, keep close, or bury in silence. Although it may bee much afraid in these times (when virtue and vice are esteemed alike) by reason of the unworthinesse of this age, and ingratitude, and treachery of men (to say nothing of the curses of Philosophers) to come forth upon the publick stage of the world. I could produce witnesses of this Chymicall truth, viz. sage Authors, according to the unanimous consent of divers honorable Ancients in so many severall nations: but those things which are manifest by ocular experiment, need no further proof.

Many men both of high, and low condition in these last years past, have to my knowledge seen Diana unvailed. And although there may be found some idle, and ill-employed fellowes, who either out of envy, or malice, or fear of having their own frauds discovered, cry out that the soule may bee extracted out of Gold, and with the specious, and deceitfull delusion of ostentation, say it may be put to another body; not without losse and detriment of time, pains, and costs: yet let the sonnes of Hermes know for certaine, that such a kind of extraction of souls (as they call them) whether out of Gold, or out of Silver (by what vulgar way of Alchymie soever) is but a meer fancy: which thing indeed is not beleeved by many, but at length by experience, the onely, and true Mistris of truth is verified, and that with losse. On the contrary, he which (in a Philosophicall way) can without any fraud and colourable deceit make it, that it shall really tinge the basest metall, whether with gain, or without gain, with the colour of Gold, or Silver (abiding all requisite tryalls whatsoever) I can justly averre hath the gates of Nature opened to him, for the enquiring into further, and higher secrets, and with the blessing of God to obtain them. Moreover, I present these present Treatises, composed out of mine own experience, to the Sonnes of Art, that whilst they are busied with all their thoughts and intentivenesse of mind in searching into the secret operations of Nature, they may thence know, and cleerly understand the truth of all things, and Nature it self: in which thing alone the perfection of the whole sacred Philosophicall Art consists, so that they go on in the common high-way of Nature, which shee prescribes in all her operations. Therefore I would have the Courteous Reader be here admonished, that he understand my Writings not so much from the outside of my words, as from the possibility of Nature; lest afterward he bewaile his time, pains, and costs, all spent in vain. Let him consider that this Art is for the wise, not for the ignorant; and that the sense, or meaning of Philosophers is of another nature then to bee understood by vapouring Thrasoes or Letter-learned scoffers, or vicious against their owne consciences, (who whilst they cannot rise by their virtues, attempt it by their villanies, and malicious detractings from honest men) or ignorant Mountebanks, who most unworthily defaming the most commendable Art of Alchymie, have with their Whites, and Reds deceived almost the whole world. For it is the gift of God, and truly it is not to be attained to, but by the alone favor of God, enlightning the understanding together wth a patient and devout humility (or by an ocular demonstration from some experienced Master:) wherefore God justly thrusts them far from his secrets that are strangers to him. Finally, My only request to the Sonnes of Art is this, that they would take in good part my endeavouring to deserve well of them, and when they shall have made that which is occult manifest, and through the good pleasure of God in a constant way of diligence shall arrive to the longed for haven of the Philosophers, that they would, according to the custome of Philosophers, debarre all unworthy men from this Art; and not forgetting to love their poor neighbor in the feare of God (setting aside all vain ostentation) let them sing everlasting praises of thankfulnesse unto the great and good God, for so speciall a gift, and use it wel with a silent and religious joy——

Simplicity or plainnesse is the seal of truth.

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