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Sura 2k

David and Goliath

4 minutes  • 660 words

246 Have you not considered the notables of the Jews after Moses?

To a Jewish prophet: Appoint a king for us, and we will fight in the cause of Allah.
Are you sure?
Why would we not fight in the cause of Allah, when we were driven out of our homes, along with our children?

But when fighting was ordained for them, they turned away, except for a few of them.

To the Jews: Allah has appointed Saul to be your king.
How can Saul have authority over us, when we are more worthy of authority than he, and he was not given plenty of wealth?
Allah has chosen him over you, and has increased him in knowledge and stature.

The proof of his kingship is:

  • that the Ark will be restored to you, bringing tranquility from your Lord, and
  • relics left by the family of Moses and the family of Aaron.

It will be carried by the angels. In that is a sign for you, if you are believers.”

249 When Saul set out with the troops, he said:


Allah will be testing you with a river. Whoever drinks from it does not belong with me.

But whoever does not drink from it, does belong with me, except for whoever scoops up a little with his hand.

But most of them drank from it. Then, when he crossed it, he and those who believed with him, they said:

We have no strength to face Goliath and his troops today.

But those who knew that they would meet Allah said:

How many a small group has defeated a large group by Allah’s will.

250 When they confronted Goliath and his troops, they said:



  • pour down patience on us,
  • strengthen our foothold, and
  • support us against the faithless people.

251-252 They defeated them by Allah’s leave. David killed Goliath. Allah gave him sovereignty and wisdom, and taught him as He willed.

Were it not for Allah restraining the people, some by means of others, the earth would have gone to ruin.

253 These messengers: We gave some advantage over others. To some of them Allah spoke directly, and some He raised in rank.

We gave Jesus son of Mary the clear miracles. We strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. Had Allah willed, those who succeeded them would not have fought one another, after the clear signs had come to them.

But they disputed. Some of them believed, and some of them disbelieved.

Had Allah willed, they would not have fought one another.

254-255 Muslims, Spend from what We have given you, before a Day comes in which there is neither trading, nor friendship, nor intercession.

256-257 There shall be no compulsion in religion. The right way has become distinct from the wrong way.

258 A blasphemer argued with Abraham about his Lord, because Allah had given him sovereignty.

My Lord is He who gives life and causes death. Allah brings the sun from the East, so bring it from the West
How can Allah revive a collapsed town after its demise?

Thereupon Allah caused Abraham to die for 100 years, and then resurrected him.

How long have you tarried?”
I have tarried for a day, or part of a day.

No. You have tarried for 100 years. Now look at your food and your drink—it has not spoiled. Look at your donkey. We will make you a wonder for mankind.

Look at the bones, how We arrange them, and then clothe them with flesh.

So when it became clear to him, he said:

I know that Allah has power over all things.

My Lord, show me how You give life to the dead.
Take 4 birds, and incline them to yourself, then place a part on each hill, then call to them. They will come rushing to you.

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