January 30, 2022

Article 3

The original UN Members are the states which=

  • participated in the UN Conference on International Organization at San Francisco, or
  • having previously signed the Declaration by United Nations of January 1,1942, sign the present Charter and ratify it in accordance with Article 110.

Article 4

  1. Membership is open to all other peace-loving states which accept the obligations in the present Charter and are able and willing to carry them out.

  2. The admission of any such state will be decided by the GA upon the recommendation of the SC

Article 5

A UN Member which is being acted on by the SC may be suspended from its UN rights and privileges by the GA upon the SC’s recommendation. These may be restored by the Security Council.

Article 6

A UN Member which has persistently violated the Principles in the present Charter may be expelled by the GA upon the recommendation of the SC.