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Chapter 2

General Provisions

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Article 322

National security is an essential competence and responsibility of the State, based on the overall development of the latter, and its defense is the responsibility of all Venezuelans, as well as of all public and private law natural and juridical persons within the geographical limits of Venezuela.

Article 323

The National Defense Council is the highest consultative organ for planning and advising the Public Power as to matters relating to the overall defense of the Nation, its sovereignty and the integrity of its geographical space. To this end, it is also charged with establishing the Nation’s strategic concept. Presided over by the President of the Republic, it also includes the Executive Vice President, the President of the National Assembly, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice, the Chairman of the Republican Ethic Council and the Ministers of Defense, Internal Security, Foreign Relations and Planning, and any others whose participation may be deemed appropriate. The pertinent organic law shall determine the organization and attributions of the

Article 324

Only the State shall be permitted to possess and use weapons of war; any such weapons which now exist or are manufactured in or imported into the country shall become the property of the Republic, without compensation or proceedings. The National Armed Forces shall be the institution of competence to regulate and control, in accordance with the pertinent legislation, the manufacture, importing, exporting, storage, transit, registration, control, inspection, marketing, possession and use or other weapons, munitions and explosives. Article 325 The National Executive reserves the right to classify and control disclosure of matters directly relating to the planning and execution of operations concerning national security, on such terms as may be established by law. Chapter II. Principles of National Security Reference to fraternity/solidarity Article 326 National security is based on shared responsibility between the State and civil society to implement the principles of independence, democracy, equality, peace, freedom, justice, solidarity, promotion and conservation of the environment and affirmation of human rights, as well as on that of progressively meeting the individual and collective needs of Venezuelans, based on a sustainable and productive development policy providing full coverage for the national community. The principle of shared responsibility applies to the economic, social, political, cultural, geographical, environmental and military spheres. Article 327 Attention to borders is a priority matter in the enforcement and application of national security principles. To this end, a border security belt is established, with width, special economic and social regimes, settlement and utilization. shall be regulated by law, with special protection for national parks and other areas under special administrative arrangements, as well as the habitat of the native people settled in the areas concerned.

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