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Executive Vice-President

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Article 238

The Executive Vice-President is a direct subordinate of and works closely with the President of the Republic in the latter’s capacity as Head of the National Executive.

The Executive Vice-President must meet the same requirements prescribes for eligibility for the office of President of the Republic, and must not be related to the latter by either blood or marriage.

Article 239

The following are powers of the Executive Vice-President:

  1. To cooperate with the President of the Republic in directing the actions of the government.
  2. To coordinate the National Public Administration in accordance with President of the Republic’s instructions.
  3. To propose to the President of the Republic the appointment and removal of Ministers.
  4. To preside over the Cabinet, subject to authorization in advance from the President of the Republic.
  5. To coordinate relations between the National Executive and the National Assembly.
  6. To preside over the Federal Government Council.
  7. To appoint and remove, in accordance with law, those national government officials for whose designation no other authority has been made responsible.
  8. To replace the President of the Republic when the latter is temporarily unavailable.
  9. To exercise such powers as may be delegated to him by the President of the Republic.
  10. Any other powers assigned to him under the Constitution and the law. Dismissal of the legislature Article 240 Passage of a motion to censure the Executive Vice President, by vote of at least two- thirds of the members of the National Assembly, automatically involves his removal from office. The removed official, shall not be eligible to serve as Executive Vice President or Minister, for the remainder of the current presidential term of office.

The third removal of an Executive Vice- President, during the same presidential term of office as a consequence of motions of censure, authorizes the President of the Republic, to dissolve the National Assembly. The dissolution order includes the calling of elections to form a new legislature within 60 days of the dissolution of the old.

The Assembly cannot be dissolved during the final year of its constitutional term of office.

Article 241

The Executive Vice-President is accountable for his acts, in accordance with this Constitution and the law. Section Four: Ministers and the Cabinet of Ministers

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