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Article 219

The first regular legislative session of the National Assembly shall begin, without advance notice, on January fifth of each year or on the first subsequent day possible, and shall continue until August 15. The second session shall begin on September 15 or the first subsequent day possible, and shall end on December 15.

Article 220

The National Assembly shall meet in special sessions to take up the matters on the agenda contained in the notice of the meeting, and any related matters. A special session may also consider any matters declared urgent by a majority vote of the members. Quorum for legislative sessions

Article 221

The requirements and procedures for the establishment and other sessions of the National Assembly, and for the functioning of its Committees, shall be determined by the Regulations.

In no case may a quorum be less than an absolute majority of the members of the

Article 222

The National Assembly shall be empowered to exercise its control function by means of the following mechanisms: parliamentary questions, investigations, questions, authorizations and parliament’s approvals as provided for in this Constitution and by law, and any other mechanism that may be established by laws and their associated Regulations. In exercising parliamentary control, the National Assembly shall have the power to make a finding of political liability on the part of public officials and call on Citizen Power to initiate the appropriate action to enforce such liability.

Article 223

The Assembly or its Committees shall have the power to conduct such investigations as they may deem appropriate in matters within their competence, in accordance with the Regulations.

All public officials are obligated, subject to the penalties established by law, to appear before such Committees and provide the same with any information and documents they may require in order to carry out their functions. Private citizens are also subject to this obligation, without prejudice to the rights and guarantees embodied in this Constitution.

Article 224

The exercise of the power of investigation does not affect the powers of other public authorities Judges shall be obligated to take evidence as commissioned by National Assembly and its Committees.

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