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Section 4

Contracts in the Public Interest

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Article 150

Entering into contracts in the national public interest shall require the approval of the National Assembly in those cases in which such requirement is determined by law.

No contract in the municipal, state or national public interests determined shall be entered into with foreign States or official entities, or with companies not domiciled in Venezuela, or transferred to any of the same, without the approval of the National Assembly.

In contracts in the public interest, the law may demand certain conditions as to nationality, domicile or other matters, or require special guarantees.

Article 151

In the public interest contracts, unless inapplicable by reason of the nature of such contracts, a clause shall be deemed included even if not expressed, whereby any doubts and controversies which may raise concerning such contracts and which cannot be resolved amicably by the contracting parties, shall be decided by the competent courts of the Republic, in accordance with its laws and shall not on any grounds or for any reason give rise to foreign claims.

Section 5. International Relations

Article 152

The international relations of the Republic serve the ends of the State as a function of the exercise of sovereignty and the interests of the people; they are governed by the principles of independence, equality between States, free self determination and nonintervention in their internal affairs, the peaceful resolution of international conflicts, cooperation, respect of human rights and solidarity among peoples in the struggle for their liberation and the welfare of humanity.

The Republic shall maintain the finest and most resolute defense of these principles and democratic practices in all international organs and institutions.

Article 153

The Republic shall promote, and encourage Latin American and Caribbean integration, in the interest of advancing toward the creation of a community of nations, defending the region’s economic, social, cultural, political and environmental interests. The Republic shall have the power to sign international treaties that implement and coordinate efforts to promote the common development of our nations, and to ensure the welfare of their peoples and the collective security of their inhabitants.

To these ends, the Republic may transfer to supranational organizations, through treaties, the exercise of the necessary authorities to carry out these integration processes. In its policies of integration and union with Latin America and the Caribbean, the Republic shall give privileged status to relations with Bier American countries, striving to make this a common policy throughout our Latin America.

Provisions adopted within the framework of integration agreements shall be regarded as an integral part of the legal order in force, and shall be applicable directly and with priority over internal legislation.

Article 154

Treaties agreed to by the Republic must be approved by the National Assembly prior to their ratification by the President of the Republic, with the exception of those which seek to perform or perfect pre-existing obligations of the Republic, apply principles expressly recognized by the Republic, perform ordinary acts in international relations or exercise powers expressly vested by law in the National Executive.

Article 155

In the international agreements, treaties and conventions entered into by the Republic, a clause shall be inserted whereby the parties agree to resolve by peaceful means recognized under international law or agreed upon in advance between them, where this is the case, any controversies that may arise between them in connection with its interpretation or implementation, if not inappropriate and if it is permitted by the procedure to be followed in entering into the treaty, agreement or convention.

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