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Chapter 10

Duties of Venezuelans

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Article 130

Venezuelans have the duty to:

  • honor and defend their native land symbols and cultural values
  • guard and protect the sovereignty, nationhood, territorial integrity, self determination and interests of the nation.

Article 131

Everyone has the duty to comply with and obey this Constitution and the laws and other official acts promulgated by the organs of Public Power.

Article 132

Everyone has a duty to fulfill his or her social responsibilities and participate together in the political, civic and community life of the country, promoting and protecting human rights as the foundation of democratic coexistence and social peace.

Article 133

Everyone has the duty to contribute toward public expenditures by paying such taxes, assessments and contributions as may be established by law.

Article 134

Everyone, in accordance with law, has the duty to perform such civilian or military service as may be necessary for the defense, preservation and development of the country, or to deal with situations involving a public calamity. No one shall be subjected to forcible recruitment.

Everyone has the duty of rendering its services in the electoral functions assigned to them by law.

Article 135

The obligations incumbent upon the State in accordance with this Constitution and the law, in Fulfillment of the States commitments to the general welfare of society, do not preclude the obligations which, by virtue of solidarity, social responsibility and humanitarian assistance, are incumbent upon private individuals according to their abilities.

Appropriate provisions shall be enacted by law to compel the fulfillment of these obligations in those cases in which such compulsion is necessary. Those aspiring to practice any profession have a duty to perform community service for such period, in such place and on such terms as may be provided for by law.

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