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Summary of 12th century Countries

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Country Trade System Main Food Top Exports Top Imports
Arabia Money as Bullion Cereals, Mutton aloes, ambergris, asofoetida, benzoin, borax, camel’s-hair cloth, cat’s-eyes, cloves, coral, dragon’s-blood, foreign satins, frankincense, gardenia flowers, gold brocades, ivory, myrrh, nut-galls, nutmegs, opaque and transparent glass, pearls, putchuck, rhinoceros horns, rose-water, shell, tm-lo cottonades, wu-na-ish, yellow wax
Brunei Barter .. .. ..
Cambodia Barter .. .. ..
China Money .. .. ..
India North Barter .. .. ..
India South Barter .. .. ..
India West Barter .. .. ..
Indonesia Java Money .. .. ..
Iraq Money .. .. ..
Japan Money .. .. ..
Kishi Money pearls, fine horses wheaten cakes, mutton, fish and dates rose-water, cinnabar, fine cotton stuffs, gardenia flowers, quicksilver, red dye plants, silver bullion, spelter
Korea Barter using Rice
Myanmar Barter
North Vietnam Barter using Rice
Philippines Barter
South Vietnam Barter
Sri Lanka Barter
Sumatra, Malaysia Money
Taiwan Barter
Yemen Barter + Money

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