Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 3

The 5 Medical Paradigms

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Table of contents
A quinquelemental science should be applied to cure certain ailments associated with the physical body.
The Rule of Rationality
Principles Assertions
There are 5 Layers in Reality These manifest as the 5 Medical Paradigms in to repair the engineering of the body
The body is a biological machine

Superphysics follows the five-layer model of the universe as described by the ancient Greeks, Hindus, and Chinese

Superphysics Physics Greeks (Timaeus) Hindus Chinese
Aethereal Quanta Aether Akasha 水 still water
Spatial Gravitation Wind Vayu 木 moving wood
Radiant Electromagnetism Fire Tejas 火 radiant fire
Convertible Weak Water Jala 土 transforming earth
Material Strong Earth Pritvi 金 solid metal

The 5 Medical Paradigms

We apply these layers into Bio Superphysics by assigning a medical tradition to each:

Layer Greek Name Paradigm Description
Aethereal Aether Homeopathy, Yoga Knowledge of personality and chakras
Spatial Air Ayurveda (Vata), Yoga, Chi Gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine Knowledge of Chi or Vayu and external environment
Radiant Fire Ayurveda (Pitta), Traditional Chinese Medicine Knowledge of energy points and metabolism
Convertible Water Naturopathy, Ayurveda (Kapha) Knowledge of Acidic-Alkaline states
Material Earth Western Medicine, Ayurveda (Kapha) Knowledge of material and chemical reactions

5. Western medicine

This began when the Europeans invented the microscope, leading them to see bacteria and organs and how they are affected by chemicals. And so they leaned towards drugs and pharmaceuticals that deal with those bacteria and organs directly and instantly. We assign it at the lowest and most obvious layer – the Material layer.

4. Naturopathy

This deals with natural herbs and substances to deal with diseases. We assign it a lever higher than the Material.

3. Ayurveda

This uses the principles of the three doshas as Vata, Kapha, and Pitta which represent the Spatial, Radiant, and Convertible-Material layers respectively. We assign it to Radiant layer as the middle of the five traditions.

2. Chinese Medicine

This uses the principles of chi which is known as pranah or vayu to the Hindus. It has the concept of chi-gong which, like yoga, works directly on vital energy. Thus, we assign it to the spatial layer. Chinese Medicine checks the wave-nature of the disease through the pulse.

1. Homeopathy

This uses the principle of like cures like. It is the most subtle of all the traditions and works on the aethereal layer. It is the farthest from Western Medicine and so it is the most often called as “pseudoscience” by egotistic practitioners of Western Medicine. But in so doing, they really expose their ignorance of the five layers and consequently of how reality works. In homeopathy, the wave-nature of the disease is tested through electrical currents. This is because the entry level for understanding the aether is through the electromagnetic layer, just as the entry level for understanding electromagnetism is the material layer (by actually seeing a material magnet attract a material metal, for example).

Each tradition has pros and cons

Superphysics respects all perceptions, especially those that are useful or have utility. This is why all five traditions have equal respect in Bio Superphysics.

These five traditions are like tools in a toolbox. There is no single tool that can fix a complex system like a car. Instead, all tools have their purpose.

  • A hammer is excellent for pounding things, but terrible at cutting
  • A saw is great for cutting wood, but awful at hammering things

Likewise, all the traditions have a purpose in curing or preventing certain types of diseases.

  • Western medicine is very good at simple health problems like wounds and bacterial infection, but is terrible at viruses and mental health issues and in disease prevention.
  • Yoga is very good at mental health issues, but is useless in first aid and antibiotics.
  • Naturopathy is very good at disease prevention. But it is not as effective at curing diseases instantly like Western Medicine, even if it treats food as medicine.

Each tradition* has its cure for cancer, obesity, infertility, etc. using the raw ingredients that are available in their culture. There are other traditions not listed here which we hope to add in the future.

*As app developers, we see the pros and cons of tools a lot. For example, Golang is great at performance but terrible at maintainability. Ruby is so maintainable, but is slow at performance.

By putting the five traditional paradigms on a level with each other, the four cease to be alternative medicine and instead become part of the mainstream. This will then give them more research focus in order to improve themselves.

These will give a superhysician a wider range of tools and therapies to cure his patient. For example, if the patient is crude and selfish, then Western Medicine will do. But if the person is philosophical and open-minded, then Homeopathy and TCM might be enough.

Western Medicine is usually more expensive because it has to be tested in material rigors which need material resources. Homeopathy, which is its extreme opposite, is cheaper because it uses the fewest material resources such as water and an electrical device for analysis.

Thus, the Superphysician can make customized cures whatever the financial status or social class of the patient may be. Western Medicine often fails to serve the destitute and needy, but this will no longer be the case in Bio Superphysics.

In fact, we envision diagnosis to be done by an artificially intelligent device that can be accessed for free by anyone. The suggested medicines will then be made available through a points-based purchase system where the poor can pay later with their labor after they are cured.

The main goal of treatments is to break the link* between the patient’s mind and body to that of the disease by finding and striking at the main connection point. For example:

  • the connection of lung cancer to a patient might be chain-smoking
  • the connection of diabetes to a patient might be excessive greed and laziness

*In Material Superphysics, this link manifests as the gravitational relationship between two bodies, such as Newton’s apple and the Earth, or the Earth to the Sun.

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