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Chapter 1

Maximized Farming

by Juan Icon
January 31, 2020 3 minutes  • 539 words
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Maximized Farming is based on the 5 Layers as they apply to agriculture.

Layer Example in Maximized Agriculture
Aethereal The Nature of each crop, farmer, landlord, pests, etc.
Spacetime The location and era or time period of the farm
Radiant The sun, lighting, and electric fields that are applied onto the farm
Convertible The changes caused by the previous layers to the farm
Material The chemicals and elements and other effects existing or produced in the farm

Aethereal: Utility and Self-Reliance

The goal of the aethereal layer is for the farm to be useful to its users.

Spacetime: No Waste, Mixed Intercroping

The concept of maximization enters in this layer. This involves the maximization of the land as well as resources for farming. In this way, this layer facilitates the goals of the aethereal layer above it.

Included here is the physical location of the farm such as elevation, type of soil, etc. as well as the time of planting and the seasons.

Strategically, this manifests as mixed intercropping which is one of the main features of Maximized Farming.

Monocropping uses 1 type of crop as the main and only crop for a whole farm or plot of land. This is easy to set up, maintain, and harvest since the plants are all the same. You have one set of fertilizers, pesticides, and schedule for fertilizing, pruning, harvesting, etc.

The problem with monocropping is that a single pest, disease, typhoon, or drought can roll over the field and destroy the whole crop. Thus, this is similar to putting all the eggs in one basket.

Mixed cropping uses many crops as the main crops. Intercropping places the different crops together very near in the same plot. This is more difficult since each crop has different needs, different schedules.

The advantage is that pests, disease, typhoons, or doughts will not affect all plants. Some might die, but the rest will have natural resistances.

  • A drought will kill plants that need water, but will not kill those that need little water
  • A pest that infects one type of plant will need to cross over other types of plants to get to the other vulnerable plant to victimize.

In addition, the “cooperation” of plants, a new concept advanced by Maximized Farming, will help the farm have high yields and resistance without needing as much fertilizers or pesticides that monocropping needs. This is similar to a having a multicultural or multiracial organization where the members have a diverse set of useful skills that might be lacking in a organization with a single culture or race.

Radiant: Light and Temperature

This includes the light and temperature which are really details of the previous spacetime layer.

Convertible: Growth and Evolution of the Farm

The interaction of the plants with the landlords, farmers, location, climate, etc then produce the changes in the plants which we see as growth. This layer is where farming techniques and tactics are implemented just as farming strategy and overall planning are done in the aethereal layer.

Material: Resources

The farming techniques will require material resources in order to create the growth or evolution that will match the goals set in the aethereal layer. This includes fertilizers, farming tools, pesticides, farming infrastruture, etc.

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