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The Physical and Aethereal Planes

The Cartesian View

by Juan Icon
January 2, 2022 1 minutes  • 136 words
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In a previous post , we explained our equation for everything as:

E = gl equation
Our equation for everything has 3 components: Force as Energy, Dharma as G, Element as L

In this post we explain its active form as:

Kepler Tensor

This is made up of two parts, separated by a colon or ratio sign*;

  • The Kepler Tensor G (s) which has:
    • The gravitational signature G
    • The limiter (s) . This is inferred from the type and time of the Cartesian view
  • The Cartesian View: This is the plane, layer, and timespan where the motion takes place. It has two parts:
    • Aethereal Plane: This is the cause of all movements
    • Physical Plane: This is for physical movements that carry over from the aethereal plane

*This is explained in Quali-math

The Problem with the Newtonian View: Limited to the Physical Plane

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