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by Juan
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Date Notes
Jan 1 I started writing papers after failing to get research scholarship to Japan and Australia. I started applying for scholarships after getting low-level samadhi in 2007 where I realized how the universe was structured from a subject-object perspective. I got that samadhi after 3 years’ strict discipline in the Hindu-Buddhist system after dropping Catholicism like a hot potato in 2004 – the best thing I ever did! If I never freed my mind from Western dogma, I would never have had samadhi.
March 30 I started publishing my personal research papers on Wordpress after failing to get them published in Economics journals.
Apr 4 I was planning to call my proposed economic science, based on Adam Smith, as “Socionomics” but it was already taken . “Smithonomics” would be too limiting and dogmatic. So I chose a temporary name as ‘Socio-economics’.
Aug 30 I realized no academic-economist has read all of Adam Smith’s works as to understand and absorb all of his ideas. Instead, they believe Samuelson’s interpretation of Smith, which is really opposite of what Smith was advocating. So I started simplifying the entire Wealth of Nations this August. It took me 1 whole month just to simplify Book 1 word by word, so I assume I can finish the whole thing by December.


Date Notes
Jan 1 After simplifying The Wealth of Nations last year, I started simplifying The Theory of Moral Sentiments . I also started prototyping Adam Smith’s economic system in PHP, Groovy, and Ruby, while trying out Graph Databases
Apr 23 I started reorganizing content here into a book, with posts being categorized into chapters
Oct 24 I found a team and started pitching my prototype using Ruby Sinatra during the UN Hack for Good Challenge in Hanoi


Date Notes
Jan 1 I started simplifying A Treatise of Human Nature by David Hume and The Ethics by Spinoza (which Hume bashed as hideous). I prefer to combine them into a single metaphysical system or paradigm
Mar 1 I joined Coderschool in Saigon to lean how to make the prototype better
May 28 I re-formed a team and formally joined the Vietnam Silicon Valley (VSV) startup ecosystem as NARA or Non-Arbitrary Resource Allocation
July 16 We pitched NARA at the VSV Summer Demo Day, changing it to SORA (SOcial Resource Allocation)


Date Notes
Jan 1 Last year, the tech startup community was abuzz with the machine learning library called Tensorflow. So we started learning how to make chatbots, and visualizations on the Jupyter notebook, to see how we could implement it for our proposed economic system
Apr 13 We’ve been acceted into the ITP Startup Community in Saigon!
May 1 We started learning React Native for the mobile version of our proposed economic system
Nov 26 Blockchain exploded last year because of Ethereum and so we are testing if it can work with our proposed economic system at the Vietnam Blockathon


Date Notes
July We closed the startup in Saigon in order to move it to Manila to test the other implementations of our proposed economic system
Oct-Dec We participated in many hackathons in Manila to test our system for different use cases


Date Notes
Feb 21 We started trying out Medium for our content on the science behind Social Resource Allocation, as ‘SORAnomics’
June 16 We started slowly moving our content from Wordpress onto Medium
Oct 1 After finishing hackathons in August , we had time to dwell back on the grand theory which will implement Hume’s ‘Science of Man’. Our choices for the name of the theory was ‘Superscience’, ‘Suprascience’, ‘Superphysics’, or ‘Supraphysics’. We ended up with ‘Superphysics ’ because ‘science’ is relatively new, while ‘physics’ is much more ancient.
Nov 19 SORAnomics has been absorbed into Superhysics and renamed into Economic Superphysics or ‘Supereconomics’. We put its implementation into a separate site away from Superphysics to split theory from implementation

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